Entertainment inspired by Science

Audiences around the world show strong interest in stories related to science. From Roland Emmerich's "The Day After Tomorrow" to films based on historical speculations like "The Da Vinci Code," today's complex world wants to be explained. Modern science – in particular the field of climate research and the spectacular results of space exploration – offers many inspirational ideas for movie makers and can act as the springboard for huge successes in television and feature films.

Movies like "Twister" today are no longer the realm of expensive Hollywood blockbusters but have also become accessible for lower budget productions through advanced 3D animation and CGI technology. Endurance Entertainment's founder, Peter Engelmann, has written and developed one of the most successful TV movies of 2009, CLOUDCHASERS (Entscheidung in den Wolken), an action-adventure film that employs the many possibilities of modern digital technologies throughout all stages of production. In 2010 the project "Flight Director" was awarded with the "MINTiFF Fellowship".

Endurance Entertainment® GmbH develops and produces in genres such as science fiction, horror, mystery and thriller, and draws inspiration from the many adventures offered by science.